Design is the key to success in Visual Communication – continuity, composition, clarity, typographic design, color and the ability to develop ideas and concepts that communicate a solution that is comprehensive
in the visualization process. The ability to communicate your ideas verbally requires practice in using a design vocabulary. 

The first 10 words out of your mouth may determine whether an employer will hire you. Can this person help me in my company with their ideas, concepts and design knowledge?


Design Process, Creative Thinking Problem Solving, Experimentation

Design • Marketing • ADVERTISING




Drawing & Illustration


Ahmad Toom

Designer • Southern Eagle

Doug Chilton

Designer • FPL

Brittany Ringe

Alexis & Lynn

Visual Communication • Student Success

• Brandon Sellers has been working at the Sunrise Theatre & Media Giant for the past two years creating Social Media & Videos
• My Portfolio student IRSC Grad, Amber Watson Won an Emmy Award for her teamwork at NASA for Video Storytelling
• Dustin Knotek won the Adobe International Global Contest for Tony Hawk’s Skate Deck/Sunrise Theatre/Hoo-Rag/Wheat Creative
• Ahmad Toom has been working at Southern Eagle in Fort Pierce and is an American Advertising Federation Charlie Award Winner
• Max Feurer has been hired as a UX/UI Design for Amazon – after working at in Tampa, FL
• Mike Profeta is working for Bungie in Seattle, WA as a 3D Modeler after helping create the newest Star Wars game for EA
• Roger Mallot has been working many years at General Micro Systems as a Creative Manager in Jensen Beach and for Embraer Jets
• Victoria Racine has been working as a Publication Designer on Hutchinson Island, FL producing 6 publications per year
• Doug Chilton has been working for 25 years at Florida Power & Light in Marketing, as well as for New Era Energy
• Nichole Brewer, Rebecca Mitchell, Josh Green, Nicole Malloch, Francesco Avitto have worked at Barwis/Mets Stadium in PSL, FL
• Dan Sauceda, Tom Kirkpatrick, Will Montoya, Will Dolan, Annie Mayer worked at IdeaBar Agency – WPB – $25 an hr/25 hrs a week
• Francesco Avitto and Xavier Alejandro have been working at The BrandIt Agency for several years
• Mike Poolt, Matthew Stone, Stacy Givens, Kimberly Graef, Dustin Knotek, Donnie Nilsson, Brandon Sellers – Designers – Sunrise Theatre
• Jean Chery has been successful as an Artist in curated Exhibitions in Switzerland and in New York City
• Tamica Harris has earned an Instructional Design degree at UCF and is an instructor with CVS Pharmacy
• Jaeda Williams earned a Masters Degree in Information Management at NOVA Southeastern U – she’s worked at Publix & Identifi
• David Leemon has worked for the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, FL for many years
• Holly Grundel and her Sablewood Paper Company in Seattle has won multiple Design Awards and is on Martha Stewart’s website
• Robbie Myers, videographer, worked for the University of Colorado, Anchutz – Aurora, Colorado – He’s worked at Universal Studios & Virginia Tech
• Jake Dunn has been working for the Ultimate Fighting Championships in Los Angeles, CA for many years
• Kristen Verga has worked at Brandster in Stuart, FL for several years in Marketing, Sales and as a Web Master
• Tim Delano is an actor, stuntman and an Award Winning producer for Sag-Aftra in Los Angeles, CA
• Claudio Abbrascia is the Web Master at Palm Beach State College
• Annie Mayer has worked at Canon, Cotton & Company, IdeaBar, FC Edge, Shade Critters/8 Oak Lane  
• Jay Krier has been working at Compass USA traveling all over the Country as a Videographer/Photographer
• With AGORA Group, a Video Company in Delray Beach, FL, Lance Camp has worked with Glenn Beck, at Yale University & in Switzerland
• Catherine Ford is working in Management at Universal Parks & Resorts in Orlando, FL
• Joe Sweat has been working for several years at the City of Fort Pierce as a Marketing Specialist
• Floyd Devine has been the CEO of Locian, LLC, for many years, a videography business based in Orlando, FL
• Francesco Avitto has been working on the Metro By T-Mobile Identity
• Stephen Schmidt has been working at Zero VFX in Boston, MA on first run movies as a Compositor
• Rick Silliker has been working in Fort Lauderdale, FL for Brazen Animation and traveled the country working as a Compositor
• Ellyse Zosia is working as a Brand Manager at SPA Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL also at I am Adaptive
• Madison Pearman has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at the University of South Florida and now works at Chargebacks 911
• Christina Ibanez has been working at FC Edge Marketing & EZE Tech as a Web Designer for over 5 years
• Caitlin Larkin has been working as a Vibe Host at The Hard Rock at Universal Studios for Several Years
• Cynthia Roden has been working a the Marketing Director at the Atlantic Classical Orchestra in Fort Pierce, FL
• Felonice Merrimen is the Publisher of Palm Beach Parenting in WPB, FL
• Charles Graham is working as a Web Master at the Cleveland Clinic in Stuart, FL we also worked with MycoTea as a Web Specialist
• Lesley Driver has been the Senior Graphic Designer at ITS Fiber in Stuart, FL
• Tiffany Gavin has been working at UBU Brands in Stuart as a Designer/Manager
• Levi Wilke is working at Viscara in Destin, FL as a Photographer/Videographer – he worked at TAMCO in PSL for several years
• Lauren O’Kelley is the Creative Director at The Design Market in Stuart/West Palm Beach
• Robin Marsicovetere has been working at Infinity Sales Group in Boca Raton as a Senior Graphic Designer in Real Estate Marketing
• Piyi Kalampaliki, Christie Lee and Marissa Neun have been working in Marketing at TAMCO in Tradition at their 450,000 sq ft complex
• Alyssa Taylor and Patricia D’Abate have been working for the City of Port St. Lucie in the Communications Department
• Veronica DeBrisbriand has been working for AXA in Charlotte, NC for a few years
• Mike Bechtel, James Crocco and Juan Kahr have been working at IRSC in Information Tech, Videography & Production
• Dieulanie Claude is now the WebMaster for the St. Lucie County Cultural Alliance
• Patrick Lejeune has been working for several years at the Web Master for the Board of County Commissioners in SLC
• Catherine Valinote has been working at 8 Oak Lane/Shade Critters in Stuart, Florida
• Andrew Barenborg has been working at Citrus Three Design in Vero Beach, FL as a Social Media Designer
• Brittany Ringe has a thriving Design Business, Alexis & Lynn in Raleigh, NC has been featured on Amazon
• Maria Paula Puentes and Kimberly Graef are both working at Crunchi, a cosmetic business in Stuart, FL
• Gustavo Gamez has worked at the Golf Channel, The Brandit Agency and Media Tech Plus in Orlando, FL
• Heather Welsh has been working as a Network Analyst at iSpot-TV in Seattle, WA
• Anthony Catalano has been working at CS3 Design in Orlando, FL traveling the world as a Videographer/Photographer
• Sarah Ledingham has been promoted to Manager at Ram Mounts in Seattle, WA
• IRSC Design student Byanka Trevino has been working for several years at Media Giant in Fort Pierce, FL in Web Communications
• Sada Sanchez has been working in Bremerton, WA as a Designer at Bremerton Press
• Mike Afonso has been working at Big Vision in Orlando for several years
• Tiffany Faria is a Designer at Vero Beach Magazine in Vero Beach, FL
• Lupita Palacios Gilmore has been working at MarkeTeam in California over several years
• Caesar Orjaliza has been working at Painted Lens as a Videographer/Photographer in Fort Pierce, FL
• Ika Baramia has been working at Admiral’s Cove in Jupiter, FL in Marketing & Design
• Rene Mimms has worked at Pratt Whitney in WPB and now works as an Engineer for Kord in Huntsville, Alabama
• Valerie Mastroni has been working as a Designer at Avison Young Real Estate for several years
• Anthony Catalano has been working at CS3 Design in Orlando, FL for several years
• John Nelson is the local President of the Audubon Society in Stuart, FL – he’s a Videographer/Photographer
• Kevin Day has been working as a Designer at SynergyNSD in Melbourne, FL for several years
• Kathy Macaluso is the President KMAC Marketing in Stuart, FL
• Desiree Fulton is working as a Production Artist at Castlight Healthcare in San Francisco, CA
• Ezdras Adamis is the CEO at NorthZero, a Web Communications firm on the Treasure Coast
 Michael Kerniss is working at UBU Brands in Stuart, FL after graduating from SCAD with a design degree
• Michael Francois is working at Staples in Asheville, NC
• Stephanie Lee is working at EZE-Tech in Port St. Lucie, FL
• Kimberly Payne is working at BB&T and was in the Marketing Area of PNC Bank for several years
• Kelly Williams is a Designer at Whole Foods in Orlando, FL and also works at the Orlando Public Library
• Leo Samayoa has worked at Global 5 Communications in Longwood, FL for several years
• Megan Thomas, Caris Haggerty, Jason Willis, Luis Magana & Kayla Thompson work at WMTEK Radio in Fort Pierce, FL
• Dorran Russell is an Art/Design/Teacher at Morningside Academy in Port St. Lucie, FL
• Andrew Krueger is working at Blue Ridge Printing in Blue Ridge, GA – he previously worked at ITS Fiber in Stuart, FL
• Walter Trujillo is a Videographer for Student Bridge in Atlanta, GA
• Michael Ganey has been working at Cinema World in Vero Beach, FL as a Manager 
• Michael Lopresti is working at YUM! in Louisville, KY – he’s a Videographer/Designer
• Kelly Goodbrad is a Digital Artist in Sarasota, FL
• Marcus Grant has been working at the Batt School in Juno, FL for several years
• Pat Chamberlain has been working at A•S Solutions in Orlando, FL for several years
• Shelby Busenbark is a Designer at Florida Outdoor Magazine in Stuart, FL
• Anthony Maldonado works at Green Design in Okeechobee, FL
• Rosie Shishkowsky has been working as a Designer at Sailfish Point on Hutchinson Island
• Michael Monti has been working at GSCCCA as a Network Engineer for the past few months in Atlanta, GA
• Tanner Rowe is going to school at UCF in Marketing in Orlando, FL and also working for ESPN at the same time
• Erica Hueter has been working at Westwood High School as a Design Teacher for several years
• Stacy Givens is a Designer in the Marietta, GA area
• Chris Krueger has been working at Geoffrey Smith Galleries as a Videographer/Photographer in Stuart, FL and at St Lucie County
• Melissa Rogolino is a Web Designer/Artist at Blue Butterfly Design in Port St. Lucie – She worked at Clear SEM Solutions in Web Design
• Josh Green is a Designer at The Main Land in Orlando, FL working in Sports Information – Soccer
• Reese Kemp is working at Tri • Bike • Run in Juno, FL as a Designer
 Dustin Knotek, Alejandro Vila & Nichole Brewer are working at Hoo-Rag in Fort Pierce, FL
 Dustin Knotek won Tony Hawk’s International, Global Competition for Tony Hawk’s Skate Deck
• Nathan Putnam, Sean Pemberton, Nick Ellis & Robert Watson have worked at Boston Barricade in Vero Beach, FL  
 Dane Lux received his BAS degree at IRSC in VisCom and then went to Grad School at UCF in Instructional Design – he’s now at Asurion 
• Renee Hunter worked at Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums at Harbor Branch and at the Florida Oceanographic Society as an Art Director
• Donnie Nilsson has been working in Engineering/Design for GAI Consultants in West Palm Beach 
• Michael Fabiano is working at Ace High Tatoos in Port St. Lucie, FL